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We get your business in front of more customers by helping you rank higher on search engines by using keyword rich content, meta data, and other SEO best practices.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization of multiple ranking factors including keyword count, content relevancy, website performance, and even security. It’s a combination of all of these ranking factors and more that leads to great SEO results. We continually monitor and optimize your websites SEO performance to ensure you achieve the best ranking possible for your market.

Keyword Research

Keywords are a main factor in determining how relevant your content is to a users search and how well you rank on search engine result pages. Keyword research is about finding out what your potential customers are searching for and using those keywords throughout your content.

Content & Structure

Search engines need to be able to crawl your website and understand its content so it knows when to display your website to potential customers. We’ll revise your content to include the keywords your potential customers are searching for. We’ll also make sure you content is structured using the appropriate HTML to help search engines understand your content.

Performance Enhancements

Load time and bounce rate are major ranking factors in 2018. We optimize already existing websites and every website we build to perform well on all devices and network conditions.

Today’s average website is 3.4 MB in size and takes 3.2 seconds to load. If your website takes 4 seconds to load, you can expect 25% of your visitors to leave before it finishes loading and that percentage increases with load times. 

You can test your websites performance here or here.

Optimized for Mobile

We make sure your website looks great and performs great on mobile devices. With over 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, Google now prioritizes mobile friendly sites in its search rankings. Make sure you’re not losing customers because of a poor mobile experience.

You can test your websites mobile usability here.


SSL certificates are important to protect yours and your customers data when using your website. They’re also important for your websites search rankings.

Recently, Google has started to penalize websites that do not have an SSL certificate and their Google Chrome internet browser will mark your website as “Not Secure” to your customers. In addition to a drop in search rankings, this will reduce traffic, increase the bounce rate, and weaken trust between you and your customers.

SSL certificates are included with every site we build or host. You can learn more about our Hosting & Management services here.


Local searches are the most valuable to your business and there’s no better way to capture a potential customer’s attention than with Google My Business.

Google My Business provides important business information upfront which captures potential customer’s attention, reduces their effort, and provides a smoother search experience.

Google My Business will also help you capture searches performed on Google Maps.

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